Delta-Cast® Saw
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The Silent Removal Solution

Very low noise and vibration level

The saw has two speed levels which enable to control noise and vibration. Delta-Cast® Saw is a calm device which stays quiet over time.

Extremely durable

Due to high quality components and a technology which prevents the dust from falling into the saw Delta-Cast® Saw has a very long lifetime: 111-150 hours vs. Competiton Saw X with 7-13 hours in durability testing (lab results).

High cutting performance

Delta-Cast® Saw offers two speed levels with high oscillation rates and cuts fast through fiberglass, polyester cast and thermoplastics. Due to its extraordinary top chamber it collects dust very well.

Small, ergonomic, light handpiece

Delta-Cast® Saw is small, light and perfectly balanced for easy handling. The softer and more comfortable grip area enables the operator to use the saw with one hand only (left or right hand).

Power BladeTM

Delta-Cast® Saw is recommended to use with BSN medical Power BladeTM: Stainless Steel, Polished Steel, Teflon, Titanium and Dicronite.

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